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This morning, /u/Shodokan [-2][1] made this contribution[2] to /r/guns[3] . I do not know whether he decided we were unworthy to view his image and read his illustrious commentary, or whether he was otherwise motivated to remove it from public view.

However, he thought me worthy of his continued attention [4] . Now, I think this a topic that merits the entire/r/guns[5] audience, and so I choose to write here, rather than expending a great deal of effort to convince a single reader.

  • HI-POINT IS A GOOD COMPANY AND THEY ACHIEVE THEIR INTENDED GOAL. They make the cheapest possible modern firearms, thereby guaranteeing that even the most disadvantaged are able to arm themselves. This means that the impoverished are able to defend themselves even in the absence of the police. Hi-Point’s warranty is exemplary. I even like the simple and direct design of their web site[6] .
  • HI-POINT’S GOALS BREED DESIGN COMPROMISES. The cheapest and simplest design for an autoloading firearm is straight blowback. That’s why all the combloc cold war era pistols (Makarovs and CZ-82s) are blowback: it’s cheap and easy to do well. Hi-Point saves more money by simplifying the internals – you have a striker-fired pistol with no firing pin block. But 9mm Makarov is about the most energetic you can make a blowback pistol and have it light enough to carry comfortably – the slides of the Hi-Point 9×19, .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols must necessarily be uncomfortably heavy.

The weight of the slide and the blowback operation mean that the slide has to crash back like a freight train. You’ve got a large mass carrying a lot of momentum. The polymer frame, on the other hand, is light. This makes for uniquely jumpy and uncomfortable recoil, which in turn means you’ll come back on target more slowly, and your split times will suffer.

Furthermore, a cheap trigger is necessarily not a match trigger. I’ve made the point that practice can account for a heavier, squishier trigger, as in the case with a Glock versus a 1911. But all other things being equal, a nicer trigger does make for better hits (I tend to think that the Glock factory trigger is about the right balance of practice, that the lighter Glock triggers reduce the burden of practice too far). The Hi-Point’s trigger is what it is, but in objective terms, it’s among the worst out there (as might be expected from the cheapest new production guns out there).

  • HI-POINT IS THE BARE MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE PISTOL FOR TOTALLY DESTITUTE PEOPLE IN NEED. A used Jiminez is cheaper. A used Jiminez (or Jennings or Bryco or any of the other old Saturday Night Specials) uses its firing pin as an ejector EDIT THE HI POINT DOES THAT TOO and very readily fires when you chamber a round, with or without pulling the trigger. The old lady upstairs who lives on $300 of social security and food stamps needs a pistol, and you can’t find a cheap Taurus revolver at the pawn shop? Get her a Hi-Point.
  • THE HI-POINT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IF YOU COULD POTENTIALLY AFFORD ANYTHING ELSE. The Hi-Point’s disadvantages are such that you won’t overcome them with $300 worth of ammo. A guy with a used Glock and 100 rounds of conscious practice will beat his twin with a new Hi-Point and 500 rounds of conscious practice. While the mindset and the training and the practice are by far more important than the equipment, if you have the choice, a Hi-Point is the wrong choice.

The same argument does not apply to a $5000 pistol versus a $500 pistol. You run into diminishing returns well before the $1000 price point, and spending more money becomes a status consideration rather than a practical concern.


ALRIGHT SNOWFLAKES. Listen up. You’re special and unique and your mommy loves you very much and if you just applied yourself I’m sure you’d go real far (as if that’s somehow a compliment). But guns are guns and your performance is pretty well independent of the platform you’re using, barring extreme differences in quality or your five insurmountable minutes of familiarity with Paw Paw’s 1911.

So these are the guns you should buy, and the order in which you should buy them.

(Yeah, I know, general readership; you bought a Mosin first and you learned super good and now you and your sandbags and your concrete table can always hit the clay pigeons you set on the ground at a distance that’s actually 73 yards, but what the hell, call it 100 for the internet. I’m not writing for you, and newbie here should make purchases he’ll use to learn things instead of following in your illustrious footsteps.)

FIRST GUN: First we’re going to put on our big boy pants and go to the local Wal-Mart and get us a Ruger 10/22. There’s nothing wrong with most other .22 rifles, sure. Your grandpa wanted you to learn on a bolt action so you’d “take your time and value each shot.” Your grandpa has no idea what he’s talking about. 10/22. Tech sights[1] . USGI sling. Appleseed[2] . No more fucking questions until you do that. Also, Wal-Mart is peopled by dispassionate wage slaves who won’t try to upsell you to some other bullshit you neither want nor need. If you go to a gun store, you’re gonna walk out with some random WASR or something, because you’re too dumb to do your research beforehand and are asking strangers of unknown wisdom on the internet what to buy.

You’re all Appleseeded up and you’re super cool and now you want a

HANDGUN: Glock 19. No. I don’t care that the M&P fits your hand better or that the SR9 is cheaper. Shut the fuck up. You’re asking vapid entry-level questions on the internet. Get the Glock. Not a 1911, not my beloved CZ-75, not a SIG, not an overpriced goddamn HK that’s gonna turn you into Tom Cruise from Collateral. Glock 19.

The communist zombie 1% martian UN muslim Obama Axe body spray troops are invading and you need a

RIFLE: Spike’s Tactical[3] AR-15. Play fucking legos with it. Go nuts. Throw red dots and lasers and a vertical goddamn frontpenis on there. It’ll make you tacticooler and you wouldn’t listen to my real advice (which is to leave it bone-stock and add accessories as necessary to address real shortcomings you experience on the range rather than perceived problems invented by marketers) anyway.

Yeah, but for home defense you want to make badguy shit his pants in the universal language and so you need a

SHOTGUN: Mossberg 590[4] . Mossberg 500s are fine but those listed on their web site are either all tacticool or designed for Elmer Fudd to shoot gooses and shit. God damn. Just spend some reasonable fucking money on a black-furniture-having shotgun that’s short enough for your hallway, dipshit. Oh, and if there’s a pistol grip on there, I will laugh at you as soon as you leave.

Now take some blurry pictures of your special and exciting new “family,” because I care a whole goddamn lot about your ego investment purchases and wish to validate you as a human being via that little orange arrow and I think it’s just darling when you refer to guns as if they’re people.



You’re an idiot. I’ve never seen your username before. You only came here because this thing has 4,780,000 upvotes and is on your front page. You know why it gets those? BECAUSE I’M RIGHT, YOU DUMBASS.

This is a list of my guns in the comment! Look how much value I bring to the table! Love me please!

No. Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares. Your thirty random purchases illustrate your consumerism and borderline hoarding, not competency. Most of those are your dad’s anyway.


WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE IN EVERYDAY /R/GUNS COMMENTING? I would relish the opportunity to metaphorically remove your entrails via your anus and strangle you with them in arguments. unfortunately there are about a hundred of you in these comments and so responding to all of you would take too long.


That’s great. How’s the liberal arts degree working out for you? Yes, I would like fries with that.


I love you too.