Presidentender’s MAG40 Notes: Introduction

In days of yore, Presidentender did take a course from Massad Ayoob, which was MAG40 and it was good.

And Ayoob did speak to the class, saying “Verily, students, thou shalt write the words I speak, even in your notebooks, and later shalt thou copy the words that thou hast writed, and send them via certified mail to a person you trust, and that certified mail shall serve as a record that you did in fact take this class and if and when you are on trial as part of a self-defense incident the transcript of your notes shall serve as a testament to your state of mind and your competency and shall be useful in convincing judge jury and society that you did the right thing probably.”

And Presidentender did think “Yes, this shall I do,” and then he did not, because he is really lazy but only now it’s like three years later and he found his MAG40 notes so here they are.

I’m not copying the entire content of the MAG40 course. Ayoob has to eat, and the course itself should provide you as much value as possible. I am providing enough of the notes to give you some benefit and serve as a convincing advertisement for MAG40 and all of the Massad Ayoob Group’s course offerings.

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2