MAG40 Notes 4

Internet adolescent: “Shoot him inside, drag him outside, put a kitchen knife in his hand.” This is very stupid. It is untruthful, dishonorable, and unlikely to work. Forensics can figure that shit out. This makes you a liar and undermines the true statements you might make later. It’s also obstruction of justice and might be construed as premeditation. Giving such advice is subordination of perjury and is a felony.

Don’t give this advice.

Ball ammo tends to overpenetrate. Be sure of your target and what is beyond. You are accountable for the stuff beyond the target. Even if you miss, JHP has much less tendency to overpenetrate.

If the prosecution refers to the JHP ammo you carry as “cop killer bullets” or something, callĀ a police officer as a witness, and ask what he carries.

Hollow points are, counterintuitively, more humane. You have fewer average shots before a reliable stop. A guy shot fewer times has fewer holes from which to bleed to death. A faster and more reliable stop also limits badguy’s ability to continue badguying.

Choose a load for reliability, controllability, optimum penetration, , reduced ricochet, and a proven field record. (Next time someone posts on /r/guns about the latest iteration of the solid copper hollow point, point to the lack of a track record.)

A furtive movement is a sudden, suspicious movement consistent with going for a weapon but not reasonably indicative of anything else under the circumstances. In and of itself a furtive movement does not justify the use of lethal force. It indicates the ability to cause harm (he has a weapon) but not the opportunity or jeopardy. All of these factors must be considered as part of the totality of circumstances.

Suicide by cop – guy makes a furtive movement so that the cop or armed citizen will shoot him. The officer’s attorney might argue that this validates Darwin. Presidentender believes this is sad.

Note to badguy: don’t try to scare people who are already so afraid that they’re pointing guns at you.