MAG40 Notes 8

In cases where a gun has been drawn, cops will always be called. To an officer, you are a man with a gun at the scene of a crime.

Being a cop breeds cynicism and an “us and them” attitude.

These factors lead to the possibility of a mistaken identity shooting. The responding officer may not be uniformed, leading you to engage him by mistake. He may decide you’re badguy and shoot you, what with you having a gun and all.

3 rings of safety:

  1. The message. Cause a message to be sent to the police describing the situation and physically describing you, the goodguy: “There has been an armed robbery. The robber is down, the citizen holding the robber at gunpoint is 6 feet tall with fair skin dark hair and blue eyes. He carries a Glock.”
  2. The welcoming committee. The officers are met by someone they can trust who will repeat the message. Ideally this is the same person who sends the message, a manager at a store or bank, a trustworthy well-dressed professional, or grandma. Tell this person to lock all the doors and open them only to identified police. Assume worst-case scenarios.
  3. You. You are the innermost ring of safety. Your demeanor and bearing must be nonthreatening to the incoming officers. They will order you to drop your weapon and you will do it. Do not turn toward them with a gun in your hand. Put yourself in the place where you can see the first officer coming and be ready for him to yell at you. Be prepared to holster one-handed by feel, which marks you as skilled with the gun. If ordered to drop it, fucking drop it, after verifying that he’s a cop.

To drop it: turn to the side and drop straight down. SLOW motion. Step on the gun once dropped.

The cop may speak to you abusively. Let it go. This is not a time for pride.